Monday, 1 August 2016

Sidhil Celebrate being from Yorkshire!

Being a traditional Yorkshire manufacturing company it seemed only right that we donned our flat caps and tweed jackets and celebrated Yorkshire day in style!!

As with all of our one day events, the main objective is to raise money for Forget Me not Hospice in any way possible and we did that! We raised an impressive £96 from our raffle, Yorkshire goodies and dress down!

Congratulations to our raffle winners:

338 – Yorkshire Lad Mug  - Lauren

259 – Yorkshire Lass mug - Hannah

372 – Yorkshire phrase book – Lynne D (Even though we think she wrote it)

347 – Parkin  - Jenny G

262 – Flapjack – Hannah 

YES Hannah won twice and NO it wasn’t a fix!! (So she says…😉)

Hannah with her Yorkshire lass mug!
Jenny with her Yorkshire Parkin and Lauren with her Yorkshire man mug! 
Lynne D's prize, written by Lynne D!!
 Congratulations to team Service who won the quiz!

Rachel, Lianne and Lauren
Thanks to everyone that took part.

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Kim's done the Leeds 10k!!!

On Sunday I ran the Leeds 10k (for the 2nd time i might add 😳).  It was hard and I didn't really enjoy very much of it (apart from when i saw the finish line in my sights!!). But I did it, and have survived to tell my tale!!

A few things made me laugh (and spurred me on) as i was running (fast walking) around the 6 mile marathon...

1. A t-shirt saying: Run Now... Wine later!!!
2. The guy in the Minion costume that was ALWAYS slightly ahead of me!!
3. Another t-shirt (that i passed actually!!) saying... I run, I'm slower than a turtle but i run...
4. And finally the people doing it that were in wheel chairs, disabled, or that actually couldn't walk very well, never mind run, these people were an inspiration and made me think... come on Kimbers get those legs moving!!!!

I raised £730 for Forget Me not Hospice, thanks to everyone that sponsored me!!

I think its time someone else volunteered to do it next year...!!!!

Me and my running partner Dawn Crowther (Sister in law!) proudly wearing our medals!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Dream Team Presentation 2015/16

We have now come to the end of another year of our Fantasy Football Tournament 2015/16, below are some facts and figures:

43 people joined the team in 2015 (down from 50 members in the previous year)

The Seasons Managers of the month were as follows:

August: Paul Blackburn with 222 points

September: Mick O'Conner with 173 points

October: Danny n Begun with 286 points

November: Danny n Begun with 201 points

December: Howard Wilkinson with 348 points

January: Richard Locker with 247 points

February: Matt Ward with 268 points

March: Liam Borla-Tridan with 245 points

April: Paul Blackburn with 376 points

May: Victoria Gravenor with 144 points

Most points scored in one month - Paul Blackburn - April - 367 points!!

The consistently bad award goes to:
Bottom of the table throughout the season was Clive Siddall due to the fact that his team consists of as many ex-Leeds players as possible!! Clives team is consistently bad... in 2011/12 he came 3rd from the bottom, in 2012/13 he redeemed himself coming 45 out of 52 and in 2013/14 he came dead last... again!! Well done Clive. 

And now the winners of our Fantasy Football Tournament 2015/16

Third place: Liam Borla-Tridan
Team Name: Busby Babes
Points: 2127
Prize: £50 House of Fraser Vouchers

Second place: Luke Hegarty
Team Name: Marching on together
Points: 2133
Prize: £70 of Asos Vouchers

FIRST PLACE: Kimberley Crowther
Team Name: Princess Men
Points: 2146
Prize: £200 Hotel Vouchers 
Kimberley also has her name on the champion shield and will keep the shield for 12 months.


The 2016/17 Fantasy Football Tournament will be starting soon, lets try and get some new members joining in this year, its good fun and there are some fantastic prizes up for grabs - £5 per team.

A big thank you to Paul Blackburn for organising and running the tournament and to his wife who made the delicious cupcakes for the presentation today, they were very much appreciated!! 

Friday, 13 May 2016

Sidhil Fund a day at the Forget Me Not Hospice!

Today is a special day for Sidhil, all of our hard work and fundraising in 2015 has lead to us being able to fund the Forget Me not Hospice for 1 day which is today! Friday 13th May - Im not superstitious fortunately!

Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice supports over 185 local children with life shortening conditions and their families in West Yorkshire. However in the area they cover there are more than 1,300 children who may need  support, so there is much more to do.

So a big thank you to all of you that helped, all of you that took part in events and all of you that donated.  We have made a difference! 

So how much did we raise i hear you say!!!!

Sidhil raised an amazing £11,112

Here are a few photos from our events!!

Congratulations and well done, here's to 2016!!

Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas Jumper Day at Sidhil

With it being our final Charity Event of the year, we wanted to go out with a bang and break the record for raising the most money from one of our one day events ever! So to persuade the team to part with their precious pennies at this very expensive time of year, we encouraged them to wear their Christmas jumpers (But pay us for the privilege).

The office was a sea of brightly coloured, festive Christmas Jumpers here are just a few...

Alex Roberts - I'm sure he actually wears this jumper all year around!
Scott Graham - In his vintage inspired knit. 
Mr Short's forfeit for being a right spoilsport... He had to wear those gigs all day!
The lovely Marketing/Events team always make an effort!!  
Helen...If it EVER stops raining and we finally get some snow then of course we will build a snowman!!  
Ms Stephenson in her lovely Swedish style jumper... very on trend!! 
Our dynamic duo from Purchasing looking all Christmassy!!
Kath has been singing Christmas songs in the office since 1st Dec!!! Roll on January!!
Good Luck to James Brooks and his partner who are expecting a very special Christmas delivery TODAY!!!!  
She starts drinking really early these days!!!!
We even made the external Sales Team join in with our frivolities!!  
Sarah with her lovely pouch inspired Christmas Jumper!! 
Our master bakers had been at it again and produced an array of amazing cakes, buns and foods that generally spend a moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips!!  We had also collected together a very impressive selection of raffle gifts (most of them had been donated by our very generous suppliers and a special thank you to Caroline for putting together the hampers).

A delicious array of cakes and buns were brought in by the team

I would like to thank everyone that made this day happen and to everyone that contributed, we really appreciate it and i am happy to announce we raised an amazing £350.00 which is our new one day event record!!!!

Well done and thank you all from the Charity / Events Team.

Monday, 9 November 2015

We Found Love at Sidhil...!!!

Congratulations to Sarah Gent and Andy Master Hulme who tied the knot on Saturday 3rd October at Southward Lodge.

Despite having worked in the same company for several years the couple didn't meet properly until they were invited to a colleagues house warming party.... A couple of Dirty Martinis later they were in love and 4 years later tied the knot!!

Mr and Mrs Gent-Hulme
Bucking tradition Andy took on Sarah's name, so he is now - A. GENT Hulme!!! (See what he did there!!??)

Congratulations to you both!!!

Frankie does the great north Run!!

Congratulations to Frankie Coulthread who did the Great North Run this year and raised an amazing £426.30 for the Forget me not hospice!!

Well done Frankie!!